I am a professional photographer based in Sydney, NSW. Creating printable memories for your little angel who just arrived. In less than 10 days her face will change for ever and if you didn’t take the time to capture this magic time you will miss it. As father and photographer I can tell you is an amazing experience and I can help you to have an enjoyable one…… My family mean the world to me and keep me busy when I don’t have my camera in my hand. The photographs I have of my boys are my most cherished possessions.

During my whole life I always admired the art of photography – the art of capturing a beautiful moment in time and preserving it for future enjoyment. It is amazing to be able to share my passion for photography with my family and clients. I love what I do and my work comes from my heart.

My photographic style is clean, modern and contemporary with the focus on beautiful subjects. Photographing newborn babies is one of my specialities and it is an honour for me to capture this beautiful time for my friends and clients.